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Drone Damage Tables

by Melindhra on May.14, 2009, under Resources

Acolyte III’ve compiled a list of drone data that I hope will be useful to those of us who love our drones.  First, I have tabled the various drones, the race they belong to and what type of damage they do.  But what good is knowing all of this if you don’t know which enemies to use the drones on?

To address that problem, there is a Drones by Enemy Faction table which should prove most useful.  I have also listed drones of the same class together (light scout, medium scout, heavy, sentry, fighter) so that their characteristics can be compared.

As soon as I have some spare time, I will explain what terms such as DPS, falloff and tracking speed mean.

Check out the Drones page here.

If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, please drop a comment!

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EVE Blogroll

by Melindhra on May.03, 2009, under General, Resources

Updated 3-May-09

Ga’len of The Wandering Druid has compiled a list of EVE blogs in OPML format, so that they can easily be imported into the feed reader of your choice.  Some of these blogs are now inactive, but are still worth reading.  Access the file here.

CrazyKinux of CrazyKinux’s Musing has compiled a list of active EVE related blogs for your enjoyment. You can visit his blog for the most up to date version of this list.

Visit my EVE Blogroll page for the list.

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EVE Online Resources for New Players

by Melindhra on Apr.30, 2009, under Resources

Unlike many other MMOs, EVE Online has a very steep learning curve. In the hopes of making those first few weeks easier for new capsuleers, I have put together a list of resources and things to do.

Before you do anything else, read the new player guides on the EVE Wiki, then do the tutorials in-game! The tutorials weren’t available for many of us, but as I understand it, they are a huge help. In fact, I may do them myself since I have been away from the game for quite a long time and am in need of a refresher in a big way.

Where sites are safe to be used in the in-game browser (IGB), I will mark them as such. Unfortunately, the IGB is very slow and quite limited. However, some portions of certain websites will ONLY work with the IGB.

New Player Guides

[Wiki] New Player Experience (IGB Safe) - An absolute must read. This set of guides tells you about the game, character creation, the game user interface and what the heck to do for your first few days in space. If you read nothing else starting off, read this.

[Wiki] Missions Guide (IGB Safe) - This guide teaches you about the different types of missions, how to find an agent, types of damage you should do, what type of ship you should use, etc.

BattleClinic New Player Central - New Player Guide, Learning Modules (Amarr Tech 1 Frigate is the only one at the time of this post), Item Database.


EVE Map (Platform Independent) - This is a standalone application that allows you to view a map of the EVE universe and plan travel routes.

EVE Mon (Windows) - Allows you to view your skills, plan learning skill training for optimal speed, create skill plans.

Ceres (OS X) - Like EVE Mon, but for OS X.

EVE Fitting Tool (Windows) - Helps you create new ship fittings.

Chruker’s EVE Online (IGB required for parts) - System information, skill info, market and item info, ship info, etc.

Grismar’s EVE Wiki (IGB required for parts) - Calculators, tools, articles, links, etc. Very good resource.

Capsuleer (iPhone App) - Allows you to track your character’s training, view skill information and provides access to several EVE related blogs.

EVE Tracker (iPhone App) - Similar to Capsuleer, but without the blog reader.

Social Links

EVE Online Twibe - A Twitter group dedicated to EVE Online

Follow me on Twitter! - I made a Twitter account just for EVE stuff. You won’t find any boring RL crap here.

Did I miss any good resources? Drop a comment and I’ll be glad to go back and add things to this post.

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